Wed. 1/25 All day Burns Night
Wed. 3/1 All day St. David's Day
Fri. 3/17 All day St. Patrick's Day
Wed. 3/29 All day Royal Navy ships on Exercise Springtrain

Royal Navy ship depart Gibraltar on exercise springtrain

Sun. 4/2 All day Diverted from Springtrain

HMS Glamorgan diverted from Exercise Springtrain.

All day Argentina invades the Falklands
All day Exercise Springtrain ships diverted to Falkland Islands

Royal Naval ships on exercise springtrain diverted to the Falkland Islands to recapture.

Mon. 4/3 All day South Georgia invaded
Wed. 4/5 All day First Task Force ships leave Portsmouth
Fri. 4/7 All day 200 mile 'exclusion zone' declared around the Islands
Fri. 4/21 All day Queens Birthday

This is her actual birthday

Sun. 4/23 All day St. Georges Day
All day St. Georges Day
Tue. 4/25 All day South Georgia retaken
Mon. 5/1 All day Stanley airfield bombed by Vulcan Bombers
All day 1st Bombardment of the Falklands

HMS Glamorgan detached with HMS Arrow and HMS Alacrity to bombard Port Stanley.


19:40 - Attacked by four Argentine Mirages. Two 500lb bombs narrowly missed Glamorgan's stern causing minor underwater damage. Retired from gun line until after dark.

All day Royal Navy Bombards Port Stanley

HMS Glamorgan, HMS Arrow and HMS Alacrity bombard Port Stanley.

Glamorgan attacked by 4 x mirage aircraft, 2 x 500lb bombs narrowly missed Glamorgans stern causing minor underwater damage, and bullet holes in hangar.

Tue. 5/2 All day General Belgrano torpedoed
Thu. 5/4 All day HMS Sheffield hit by Exocet missile
Sun. 5/14 All day SAS Bombardment Pebble Island

20:00 - Glamorgan detached to bombard Pebble Island in support of SAS ashore.

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