Sat. 12/25 All day Christmas Day
Sun. 12/26 All day Boxing Day
Sat. 1/1 All day New Year's Day
Tue. 1/25 All day Burns Night
Tue. 3/1 All day St. David's Day
Thu. 3/17 All day St. Patrick's Day
Tue. 3/29 All day Royal Navy ships on Exercise Springtrain

Royal Navy ship depart Gibraltar on exercise springtrain

Sat. 4/2 All day Argentina invades the Falklands
All day Exercise Springtrain ships diverted to Falkland Islands

Royal Naval ships on exercise springtrain diverted to the Falkland Islands to recapture.

Sun. 4/3 All day South Georgia invaded
Tue. 4/5 All day First Task Force ships leave Portsmouth
Thu. 4/7 All day 200 mile 'exclusion zone' declared around the Islands
Thu. 4/21 All day Queens Birthday

This is her actual birthday

Sat. 4/23 All day St. Georges Day
All day St. Georges Day
Mon. 4/25 All day South Georgia retaken
Sun. 5/1 All day Stanley airfield bombed by Vulcan Bombers
All day Royal Navy Bombards Port Stanley

HMS Glamorgan, HMS Arrow and HMS Alacrity bombard Port Stanley.

Glamorgan attacked by 4 x mirage aircraft, 2 x 500lb bombs narrowly missed Glamorgans stern causing minor underwater damage, and bullet holes in hangar.

Mon. 5/2 All day General Belgrano torpedoed
Wed. 5/4 All day HMS Sheffield hit by Exocet missile
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